Many times, we don’t know what to do when we see someone being bullied. However, as a bystander we can use the following steps to intervene and help:

  • Tell the person you see being bullied that bullying is wrong and ask what you can do to help. 
  • Help the person being bullied get away from the situation. 
  • Help the person being bullied tell a trusted adult. 
  • Seek help from an adult if you see someone being bullied. 

Aside from witnessing someone being bullied, there are ways you can be a part of preventing bullying by appreciating differences among people rather than looking at them negatively. You can:

  • Set a good example by refusing to bully others. 
  • Be kind to someone you know who has been bullied. 
  • Listen to a student who has been bullied. 
  • Spend time with a student who has been bullied by sitting with them at lunch or during free time. 
  • Look for opportunities to contribute to the anti-bullying culture at school and in your community.

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