​​Everyone has different stressors in their life. Some people are able to cope with their problems and are ​able to manage any additional bumps they experience along the way. Some situations though are more intense and challenging, and not so easily handled. It can be hard to know when to put up the white flag and ask for help.

Warning Signs

  • You're not sleeping well - you either sleep too much or hardly sleep at all.
  • You can't concentrate on the important things. You find yourself zoning out for long periods of time, or obsessing about​ insignificant details to the point of not getting anything else done.
  • You're no longer able to manage your time.
  • You end up in trouble at school and at home. Your grades go south, you find yourself in the principal's office, and you are grounded for the second weekend in a row.
  • You lose confidence in yourself and your abilities.
  • You, food, and/or exercise get into a terrible relationship with each another. Suddenly you either obsess about calories and working out, or you eat everything in sight and barely get up off the couch.
  • You have a hard time controlling your emotions. You unexpectedly burst into tears, become anxious about normal everyday activities, or find yourself suddenly lashing out at others for no reason at all.
  • You stop enjoying the things that once brought you joy. Now you could care less about anything.
  • You stop caring about your appearance, your schoolwork, or your job.
  • You get run down and physically ill.
  • You start using drugs or alcohol just to get through the day.
  • You start to isolate yourself and avoid friends and family.
  • You get reckless and feel out of control.
  • You start hurting yourself.
  • You start having thoughts of suicide.

Be aware of these warning signs. It may be a sign that you're not coping well with your feelings or the stressors in your life. If you notice these signs, talk to someone you trust (preferably an adult) and ask them for help.