Learning about ways to help yourself is a first step to feeling better. We're glad that you are making an effort to stay safe and healthy. If you need more help or prefer to talk to a person, our trained staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please fill out the Contact Us Now form, call 844-472-3345 or text SAFE2.

Who is a Trusted Adult?

Trusted adults are people whose words and actions make you feel safe.  Trusted adults act this way both online and offline.

A trusted adult can be any grown-up whose actions and words make you feel safe: a teacher, a mentor, a parent, a coach - anyone who loves you and respects you.  

It is always OK to ask for help from a trusted adult and to keep asking the same person or another trusted adult if they do not understand or if you do not get the help that you need.